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  • Juzilkree

    Definitely daily musical therapy for me. I absolutely love Heart of Blues. It is combined with Prayer of the Children in my MP3 player for future listening. One piece seeks help for what seems to be a helpless situation and an attempt to reach out to other people who are in need. It emphasizes that we take our problems one day at a time/5(11).
    • Dair

      Heart of Blues Lyrics: Well I'm tired of losing you / I'm so tired of losing you / The way you come and go / You must be wearing out your shoes / Well I'm torn / Torn in two, torn in two / And I'm.
      • Moogugor

        Just a cold dark river and a heart of blues. Uptown, downtown You're living in the middle ground East side, west side You can't find the right side baby. Bad girl, good girl You've been telling all the world That I'm your boy, your toy Then you turn this heart of joy To a south side, no pride heart of blues.
        • Ninris

          Heart of blues, oh Oh yeah [ Solo ] Well I'm tired of losing you Well I'm so tired, baby of losing you The way you come and go I got a heart of blues, whoa Oh, hit it (Heart of blues) I got a heart of blues (Heart of blues) Yeah, just a low-down heart of blues Oh (Heart of blues) (Heart of blues.