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  • Nilmaran

    Indie Cindy is the fifth studio album by the American alternative rock band the fordegorilypen.reqapotibandiascotweshamarasbau.coed in April , it was the band's first album since 's Trompe le Monde, and the first Pixies album not to feature bass guitar player Kim Deal. Instead, bass guitar duties on the album are handled by Simon "Dingo" Archer, a former member of the British post-punk band The fordegorilypen.reqapotibandiascotweshamarasbau.co: Alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock.
    • Marr

      For those of you looking to revisit the past with this album, you're perhaps not giving the Pixies enough credit. While there are tracks on the album that will certainly bring flashes of Bossanova or Tromp Le Monde to mind, Indy Cindy feels like a logical extension of The Pixies discography, rather than a revisiting of past glories/5().